5 Common Mistakes to Avoid of Web Design

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marketing_cube-300x300If your website is not bringing the results you want, then it’s probably time to redesign the layout to make it more appealing to visitors. But don’t just go at it without having a definite plan; make sure you follow the web design guidelines properly so you can avoid these five mistakes stated below:

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Font
This may seem like a small issue to you, but choosing a suitable font is actually very critical for the type of product or service you’re selling. Remember that a single font type can affect the overall mood of your site-for instance, if you choose a modern font style, then your website will look more professional, but select a comic font style and no one will take you seriously (unless of course your website is actually targeted towards a younger audience). Avoid unreadable fonts as well because they distract your readers’ attention; always select clean, elegant styles so you can better present yourself to your potential clients.

Mistake #2: Having a Website that’s Incompatible with Other Browsers
One of the

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5 Most Useful SEO Web Design Tips for You

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BlogGraphic_022916-300x300It is often said that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about developing and improving the content of various websites and uplifting their positions in the search results. But, it is not true completely. SEO web design is equally important for accelerating the rankings of websites in SERPs. Find 5 most effective techniques below that can help web designers come up with well-built as well as search engine friendly websites.

Site navigation

An SEO web development company should focus on creating a simple yet attractive site navigation. Websites with fancy navigation menus cannot be crawled by search engines easily. A SE friendly and intuitive navigation system can make the task easier for Google and Yahoo robots. So, it is always recommended to make the use of web platforms such as JavaScript, CSS, etc. instead of employing fancy applications like Flash.

Appropriate URL

URLs are one of the most crucial parts of a website. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the web developers generate reliable, search-friendly URLs for each and every website. Query strings or any additional

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10 Top Principles of Effective Web Design

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Effective-Web-Design-Golden-Rules-300x300Similar to the expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, effective web design is assessed by the users of the website and not the proprietors of the site. Numerous components affect the usability of a website, and it is just not about its functionality but as well as the structure or how great it looks.

Web sites that are not well designed have a tendency to perform inadequately and have sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics. So what makes a good web design?

Below we discover the main ten web design principles that will make your site pleasing, simple to use and efficient.

1. Purpose

Great web design always takes into account the requirements of the users. Are your web guests searching for entertainment, information, or some interaction? Your website pages need to have a definite purpose and to satisfy a particular requirement for your website visitors in the most compelling way possible.

2. Communication

Individuals on the web want quick information, so it is necessary to communicate clearly and make your information simple to read

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Web Design Tips for Health Websites

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Health websites have a special way in which they should be designed because web surfers anticipate a certain type of website. Web design is very important and while many companies were not aware of this for quite some time it is now catching on that a website selling medical imaging supplies should be designed differently than a website offering medical advice. It all comes down to people and their expectations. We all have them and whenever we walk in a doctor’s office we expect it to look a certain way. The same goes for a movie theatre, shopping mall, and other places of interest. We have expectations for the places we visit in person and the same goes for the websites we visit virtually. Websites selling medical surgical supplies should be conservative and informative and make it easy for you to buy products whereas another website that is about gossip can be colorful and fun.

There are quite a few web design tips for health websites. One tip for health websites is for them to be designed in conservative colors like blue, black, dark green, and other similar colors. People visit health websites for a reason and

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3 Ways to Use Images for Better Results

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When it comes to web design, a picture is worth a thousand words. Many web surfers have notoriously short attention spans and a well-chosen image or graphic can capture interest and communicate meaning in the blink of an eye. In other words, one picture can instantly say what entire paragraphs of text alone cannot. Without question, images are a great way to transform a so-so web design project into one that produces stellar results.

Here are 3 Ways to Use Images to Improve Web Design

1. Grab Attention – and Keep It. It almost goes without saying that the images selected for a web design project need to be visually interesting and compelling. However, there is an art to finding the right images for each page. Pictures and graphics should be of superior quality and they should relate well to the other design elements. Further, the selected images should also support the story or point of view each page is trying to convey. An image may be great at capturing attention, but if it doesn’t relate directly to the content and overall intent of that specific page, it can end up distracting or confusing your audience.

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How to Give Your Users a Better Online Experience

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Ever why wonder some online businesses and company websites can quickly attract customers and make substantial profits? It’s because they always think of what their users want and include it in their web design. So if you want to have a profitable website, you must create a web design that really caters to your users’ preferences.

Read the tips below and learn how to give your users a better online experience and become successful at your business.

Provide Unique and Relevant Information
One of the most critical things that users look for in a website is good content. If they can’t find the information they need, they will simply leave your site and lose interest in your products and services. This is why you should always provide original and quality content that will keep them hooked. If your visitors are satisfied with the information they’ve read, they will want to buy from your website and even recommend you to others.

Be Proper and Consistent
If you want people to take you seriously, then focus on creating a website that makes your company look more professional. Choose colors and fonts that match your logo, use a

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Good Practices For Making a Website Search Engine Friendly

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Think that your website will be for 2 very important visitors, a human and a search engine spider.

Search engine spiders cannot see, but they can read.
Always optimize your work before uploading to a server.
Create a unique title with a good keyword on it.
Write a description about your page. Eye catching descriptions that will urge people to click on your site.
A good link Structure. A link that is easy to remember and not those special characters and numbers.
Always check if it passes W3C validation standards. Validating your site is a sign of professionalism.
Sometimes people forget when they are making a website, they are making it just according to what’s on their mind. They forget to consider things that should not be taken for granted when making a website. Creating a website even how colorful it is not a good idea especially when you are up with a high traffic. Because search engine cannot see but can only read, you have to be more on text and not in graphics. Aside from this, you have to make sure that your documents are not so heavy that it will take forever before it

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Simple Web Design Tips For Better Performance

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A business website is like your office online. It needs to be reliable and unlike an offline business a website is live 24/7. Your website needs to give a user what he is looking for. Below are a few web design tips to help increase a website performance.

Website Navigation

A user must be able to browse your website easily. The need to find what they are looking for within a few clicks else they will just leave. The navigation bar must be available as the website loads. It should be on top or left preferably. While browsing around, one should easily be able to go back to the previous page or return to the homepage. If using images in your navigation bar, it is good to tag them properly in case there is a problem loading the images.

Loading Time

Your website has to load within a few seconds. No one would wait for more than a minute for a web page to load. Know that the information provided on your website can easily be found elsewhere, internet surfers are impatient and they need information fast. To decrease loading time, you can remove

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Web Design Tips to Increase Your Site’s Appeal

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Back in the “brick and mortar” days of business, companies used an impressive building or office to entice customers and establish themselves as trustworthy and reliable organizations. While the physical presence is still important (for companies that have one), consumers increasingly judge a business based on the appearance of their website. This makes it very important not only that you should have a website, but that it is appealing, organized, and professional in appearance. Use these web design tips to enhance the visual appeal of your site and make a good impression on your customers.

Remove unnecessary clutter – “Whitespace” in web design refers to the negative space, or space that is not filled with your content. Visually, this space is as important as the areas containing your content. Akin to a rest in music, the empty space gives viewers a place for their eyes to rest, and gives you the opportunity to control how the viewers will visually navigate your page. Plan whitespace into your overall design.

Plan your layout – Plan where you will place your logo, your navigation, your main content, your call to action, and your whitespace. Keep your formatting elements aligned

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Web Design Tips for Online Gaming Sites

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There are hundreds of sites dedicated to online games, yet many of them lack originality and professionalism. With so many websites in the competition, it can be difficult to create a gaming site that will make visitors want to come back. After all, an average user wants to find the best online games, especially the free ones. Fortunately, there are particular web design tips that can help make your site stand out.

When you begin to design an online games site, it is important to make the layout vibrant and bold. Many gaming sites have this feature, yet most lack professionalism. Therefore, it is important to make it flashy, yet still maintain the classy look. Unfortunately, many sites which allow you to play free online games look spammy and amateurish. Thus, it is important to show your visitor that you are going to provide them with legit online games, without giving them viruses when they download them.

One of the biggest hang-ups about free online games is that pop up advertisements are prevalent. Although many visitors have pop up blockers installed on their computers, these advertisements can get annoying for everyone else. Therefore, it is important

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Good Web Design Tips To Consider

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Just about every business and it’s dog has their own website these days, but not all websites are equal. As the online environment becomes ever more crowded, to really stand out and get noticed, you need to have an outstanding website. Here are some of the top web design tips you should know.

1. Make the structure and navigation of the web design instantly clear

People lead extremely fast-paced lives these days and everyone is competing for their attention. Your site, if it’s lucky enough to attract the right kind of customer, needs to outline your business and services in as clear and simple a way as possible. The home page should outline everything that is most important to your business. If you make your website difficult to understand, your potential customers will leave within seconds. To achieve this you need to put yourself in the shoes of the visitor – forget what you think and try to imagine what other think and feel.

2. Colour should be used sparingly

A common mistake in web design (especially by inexperienced designers / clients) is the use of too much and conflicting colour. A good web

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Four Useful Ecommerce Web Design Tips

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Ecommerce web design involves exchange of business related information through both an Electronic Data Interchange and other internet based technologies. A unique aspect of this kind of exchange of business information is that everything is done without needing to use any paper. Of late, Ecommerce has become a vital part of modern internet usage. This particular type of commerce allows you to do business over the internet with the help of a computer that is linked to other computers. When all these computers are linked together a network is created.

The nice thing about conducting commerce via the internet is that it allows you to do shop online and you can also download as well as sell software online. The best part about Ecommerce is that it allows you to do business on a global level. This concept involves doing business quickly and with greater efficiency. Today, businesses are run online and it is also no longer necessary to have a brick and mortar store to do business.

Here are a few useful Ecommerce web design tips that you will do well to follow.

Pay attention to customers

The first important aspect of such

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Tips to Avoid These Mistakes When Using A Template

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Are you looking for a template to save designing a web site? You will find many, especially if your site is built on the WordPress platform. The thing to keep in mind is that not all templates are created equal. But you probably already figured that out for yourself. In fact, some are downright ugly.

That’s not to say that ugly sites aren’t profitable, because many do make incredible sales. So it’s not so much how pretty the site is, but more about whether or not it suits your particular needs and your niche audience.

The main purpose in using a site template is to save time otherwise spent building one from scratch. Conversely, you could end up spending just as much or more time modifying a previously designed template. The whole purpose is then void.

Here are some web designing tips you can use as a guide.

These tips will enable you to maximize your time while getting what you want.

1. Look for unique templates

The problem with some templates is that too many people are using them. Perhaps you’ve seen the WordPress default template with the plain blue header.

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25 Web Design Tips for Beginners

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The best tips that I can give you are the following 25 that are basic web design tips which the majority of web designers would also agree with.

Tip 1: Ideally use a light background with a dark font, preferably white background with black text. This is so much easier on the human eye & the last thing you want is getting a visitor to your site & for them to just click off because the content was hard to read.

Tip 2: Content is very important, on every page you should have at least 100 words of copy which will include your most important keywords. Google loves content & the more up to date & relevant the content is the better.

Tip 3: Have your logo positioned top left of your website as this is the first thing the human eye will see. Along with your business or website name, e-mail address & your phone number just to the right of this.

Tip 4: If your website is quite large with many pages & products then make sure you have a Site Search option for your website. Ideally this will be placed near

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Tips to Follow for Designing a Website

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Almost everyone these days owns a website. However it is not everyone’s piece of cake to design their own website. There are certain complications that can arise while going through this process. However by following a few simple tips these complications can very well be avoided. Below are some tips that can help you in your website designing process:

1. Have a polished and a professional logo

This is a very important step because your logo can be termed to be as important as your brand. Thus you must make sure that it is very prominent and all the visitors are able to locate it. For this purpose you must use a high resolution feature and an image and place it in the upper right or left corner.

2. Get rid of all the clutter

It can be extremely easy for you to get overloaded with a lot of unwanted clutter. This means that you must try your best to get rid of all this clutter because our brain will stop processing useful information once all these clutter come into the picture.

3. Use the colors in a strategic manner

This means

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Key Qualities Of A Good Website Design

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Your website is an extension of your business and brand. Majority of your target audience and potential customers will get to know about your company and offered services or products via your website. If your website is also an e-commerce or online shop, it will also be one of your reliable platforms in achieving all your sales goals.

Because your website plays a key role in your business, it is important that it has a good design. And how can you say that a website has a good design? It should have all or some of these key qualities:

It has fast load times. Nothing annoys website visitors more than a site that takes long to load. Various studies show that slow speed is one of the main reasons why visitors leave a website. A typical online customer today will only wait for a few seconds for your page to load, after which they will most likely go to a competitor’s site that loads faster. It is also highly unlikely that this visitor will return again. As such, you have to make sure your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds so that you don’t send

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Generating Customers Through Website Design Services

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Attracting clients is a continuous task for any business. The competition in the market is constant and is growing intense each day with the release of new hardware and software technologies. It is mandatory to have a significant presence in all of the major forums to attract attention and get considered for a job. Let us consider some basic and extraordinary measures to be taken for increasing a customer base by leveraging custom website design services.

Internet customers expect fast response to whatever information they are looking for. The faster is your turnaround time, the more likely you will be considered for the job. Customer conversion can be increased dramatically if your website features customer centric navigation and advanced search functionalities. Additionally, the customer navigation should be designed is such a way so that the customer is taken to the product information page through minimum click through.

Every detail in a business website will affect the process of customer generation. Action buttons need to be big, bold and obvious, yet they should be subtle enough not to shout for attention. Make the buying/ordering process as simple and detailed as possible. Too many steps in between makes

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Tips To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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As the name depicts, a mobile-friendly website is a site, which is specially designed for the mobile users. In this digital era, you cannot deny the fact that the numbers of mobile visitors are more than the desktop visitors. If your site is not mobile-responsive, so, chances you are losing a number of customers. Does your website offer an optimized mobile experienced to your valued customers or not? No, so, what are you waiting for?

Competition is too high and if you are not capable of fulfilling the demand of your customer, then they have definitely moved to another site, without even wasting a single minute. Don’t worry, it’s better to be late than never. On the off-chance, you are planning to design a mobile-friendly website, so, the following simple tips will help you to complete this task.

Start with a mobile first approach: Always design a site for your mobile first and then scale up and design it for the desktop version. It’s because if the text, logo, design, images or other elements are easy to fix as per the screen size, then you should not have any issue with the desktop site.


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Tips That Can Help You Choose a Good Web Design Company

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Today, having a website is one of the best ways of advertising. An increasing number of people are turning to the web for reading up on a product or service they need. So, if you have a product or service and you want other people to be aware of it, you can design a website and launch it. Websites are easy to manage and they can get your message across to the whole world in seconds. As soon as your website is updated with information about a new product, service or announcement, your visitors can get to know about it by visiting your site.

If you are going to hire a web design company, you need to keep a few things in mind, and those things are described through the tips given below.

1. Check out the site of the designer

Most of web design firms have their own sites where you can find links to the sites they designed. By visiting the sites, you can get a pretty good idea about the skills and expertise of the company’s designers and developers. Good work doesn’t go unnoticed!

2. Functionality of the sites


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Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Web Designer

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You have to be careful while choosing a good web designer. Many people say that they are well qualified but actually, they have very little experience in this field. Definitely, you may ask a candidate to show you some samples of their past work. You may also inquire if they have any experience with JavaScript, HTML code, SEO and Meta-tags, forms and interactive content etc. These are some basic skills that a web designer is supposed to have.

If you want to develop a simple website for you and do not need the above-mentioned skills, still it is better to choose a person who has these skills as it will be a proof that they are competent. If they do not possess knowledge and experience of these things, it means they are not that much qualified to design a website for you.

Inquire them about what kind of software they employ to develop a website. However, it is a fact that an attractive website can be created with inexpensive software and expensive software does not necessarily mean wonderful websites. There are a few tips that can help you assess the designer’s skills. Let us have a

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